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Medic Interest

Operomed, founded in the year 2005 extends it service in Medic interest. We are the best Service Provider of DNA Sequencing Services, Bar-coding Services, Gene Expression Analysis Services, Real Time PCR Assays Services, Water Testing Services and many more related services. In addition, we also Manufacture and Supply various equipments including DNA Ladders / Markers, Protein Molecular Weight Markers, PCR Kit, Reagents, Buffers, Primers, Electrophoresis Chemicals, Reagents, Buffers, Solutions and several other products. All these services and products are provided to support life sciences researches and developments. We develop and commercialize all kinds of ready-to-use biological teaching and research kits. We aim to simplify and improve the quality of research in the field of life science.

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Our services and products are superior and we maintain a highly diligent team of professional and experts. Our employees are well- educated, experienced and keep a sound knowledge of latest experiments and developments in life science. Our infrastructure is equipped with expensive resources and we provide the best services to meet complete clients satisfaction. Our VP has been constantly supporting us to provide excellent service to our valuable clients. His deep knowledge, experiences and proper instructions has helped us to carve a highly consistent position in the market.

Our Services includes:

  • Sequencing of 16 S RNA gene (Bacteria, Actinomycetes, Mitochondria and Plastids)
  • Sequencing of 18 S RNA gene or D1 and D2 domain of LSU RNA gene or ITS regions (Yeast and filamentous fungi, Plants and Animals)
  • DNA Barcoding
  • PCR, Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR)
  • Primer Designing and Synthesis
  • DNA Fingerprinting (RAPD, PCR-RFLP, AFLP)
  • Isolation and Purification of Plasmid DNA and Genomic DNA
  • Total RNA Isolation and cDNA Synthesis
  • Gene Cloning and Sequencing
  • Gene Cloning, Protein Expression and Purification in E coli
  • Genotyping by SSCP Analysis
  • Site Directed Mutagenesis
  • Electrophoresis (Agarose & PAGE)
  • Protein Profiling (by SDS-PAGE)
  • Zymography
  • Protein Purification
  • Western Blot
  • DNA Cleavage Test for Synthesized or Natural Compound
  • Compound Sensitivity Tests for Microbes (Antimicrobial activity Test)
  • Histopathology Slide Preparation
  • Photomicrography
  • Microbiology Test
  • Biochemical Analysis
  • Water Quality Analysis

Our Team

We have hired highly experienced professionals who are well-trained to provide the best services with full clients’ satisfaction. They are regularly provided latest experimental updates and advance trainings on proper execution of services. They are hard working and keep high stamina to perform their job efficiently. With the help of our team members, we are able to acquire a highly consistent position in the market. Our team includes:

  • R & D experts
  • Sales and Marketing personnel
  • Quality analyst
  • Subject matter experts
  • Administrators
  • Warehousing & packaging experts

Why Us?

Operomed provides a series of complementary products and services which support life science research and developments. We work in close coordination with our clients and try to meet each of their specific requirements. We intensively keep a close track on advance life science growth and provide our employees frequent updates and trainings. Our products and services are reliable and best in the industry. Some of the salient feature that makes us unique from others includes:

  • Timely delivery
  • Experienced workforce
  • Excellent Total Quality Management
  • Transparent and ethical business policy
  • Easy modes of payments
  • Qualitative products
  • Wide distribution channel
  • Competitive prices


Providing right service at right time to the customer. We help to improve the research in the field of genomics for mankind


To develop a cost effective diagnostic research products and services based on genomics.