About Us

Operomed Business Solutions

Priya: Owner

Priya brings over 14 years of experience and drives operations excellence, technology solutions for our customers, oversees the strategic direction of the company.

Medic Interest:

As CEO of the organization, Priya is taking care of additional responsibility for all the Medic Interest Activities in Our Organisation. She is so expert in the branch of Genomics concerned with the Sequencing, Analysis & Interpretation of the genome individually and proficient knowledge in SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Process. She has great experience in Analysis Chip typically (0.02% of the Genome) and full Genome Sequencing interpretation and Proficient knowledge to increase the speed & reduce the cost of sequencing making it possible to offer whole genome sequencing includes interpretation to consumers. She also has relevant experience in Emerging Market of direct to consumer genome sequencing services has both the medical efficacy & the ethical dilemmas associated with widespread knowledge of individual Genetic information.

Mike Paul: VP - RCM

Mike is Vice President of RCM Operations and a member of the founding team at OperoMed. His vast knowledge of revenue cycle management processes, payer - provider interactions, client services and operations management has contributed significantly to the development of our service delivery workflow, knowledge management, and client reporting tools. Mike has over 18 years of experience managing large-scale client relationships, service delivery, and processes on large-scale revenue cycle services clients. Through his career, Mike has transitioned processes and set up operations for over 50 mid-sized and large clients over the span of his career. Has worked in most of the specialities and billing softwares, like Allscripts, NextGen, AdvancdeMD, Medical Manager, LyTec, Kareo, etc.

Rangarajan : VP - Sales in India

Rangarajan is an accomplished technology professional with more than 36 years of progressive leadership responsibility in Business Capability Enablement through Information Technology. At OperoMed, he heads the Sales Division, driving strategic technology transformation across the internal and external business. He is a renowned Sales executive with a Bachelor's in Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal.